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Five years ago, three friends and I set out to read some of the “great books” – or those works of literature which would merit re-reading several times over the. With its sparkling depiction of New York’s social strata, its intricate imagery and themes, and its immensely appealing characters, Rules of Civility won the hearts . Set in New York City in , Rules of Civility tells the story of a watershed year in the life of an uncompromising twenty-five-year-old named.

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I think there is something universal about this dynamic; but it was certainly my experience. Overall, the beauty of the novel endures, and the sensuality of the prose lingers.

Rules of Civility by Amor Towles – review

Rules of Civility left me cold. Eve is compared to the portraits of John Singer Sargent. They don’t make them like that anymore. Gosh, I am amazed.

RULES OF CIVILITY by Amor Towles | Kirkus Reviews

View all 69 comments. In a photo dated one year later he The prologue to this novel takes place at an exhibition of tosles by Walker Evans in The book was designed with twenty-six chapters, because there are fifty-two weeks in the year and I allotted myself two weeks to draft, revise and bank each chapter.

Immigrants or Trust Funds? Maybe it does happen, but I found the regularity in which acquaintances kept bumping into each other to be more than ironic. I loved too that the author’s name makes him sound like something out of The Great Gatsby himself.


It’s all too rare to find a fun, glamorous, semi-literary tale to get lost in.

Judy Lindow view spoiler It was the son of the man who gave the party she went to as Wallace’s friend. Think of how exaggerated the accents and mannerisms Immigrants or Trust Funds? The rowles is an exploration of love, of choices made, of life fulfilled, of connections made and disguarded and of ships passing in the night.

I don’t even know whether it was the detached voice of Katey Kontent that made me feel nothing about anything in this book or whether it was the embellished detail of s jazziness that got on my nerves and made me look hard for another aspect of the book that I could get into. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. All the happenstance in the world could not have produced two such different and yet so captivating novels.

I know this was compared to Fitzgerald another author of cigility I am not fond and I can see why, but it’s a pale imitation. Yes, many of whom she would have never met, had it not been for that meeting with Tinker Grey. Apr 23, Diane rated it really liked it Shelves: As an investment professional with two young children, this structure proved hellish. View all 22 comments.


Case in point, page I’d highly recommend this novel. A smoky haze envelopes the streets and clubs and buildings, which the reader can’t help surveying in all the rich colors of vintage black and white.

Stay in Touch Sign up. I was so worried when I started this book Opposite sides of the same coin are imprinted in the inner contradictions of each one of the characters in this riveting chess game of story, tearing apart while bringing their lives together across the streets of sumptuous yet decadent Manhattan.

Katey Kontent stands on her balcony overlooking Central Park in and reflects on the journey of her life and the road she chose to walk more than twenty years ago. They are all looking to establish connections in the E.

While reading this, I realized that I have never and would never have as much talent to write as well as Mr. I will put my money down every time Towles writes something new. I should have taken the time to explain what I meant.